Welcome and things to do for Thursday

We will start the studio with a conversation of the term ‘attachment’ as posed by Latour and the idea of bottom up urban design.  Some readings to help us have a common background of ideas will include the following readings also found on the “readings” page tab above.  Password is “Barcelona.”  There is a fourth reading you may start that explains my writing on ‘bottom up urban design.’

Please also review and leave at least three comments for the work of previous courses to help understand the ideas of bottom up urban design and making, Public Use of Private Space and l|c|a:BCN Urban Design Program.  Please familiarize yourself with the pages and links of this weblog for Wednesday.

Give Me a Gun and I Will Make All Buildings Move

by Bruno Latour and Albena Yaneva


Not Unlike Life Itself

by James Corner

click here for a link to James Corner’s article Not Unlike Life Itself.  Consider the ideas of time and systems.  We will also discuss this and his project the High Line in New York as a framework for participation.  His Lifescape project with Stan Allen also consider building on Bernard Tschumi’s ideas of time with the Parc de La Villette.


Field Conditions

by Stan Allen


Cities from the Bottom Up: 22@ Planning, A System Attached to Change

by Philip Speranza


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