Assignment 01

Assignment 01: posted for Friday 1:00pm. Final upload Monday, 1pm but there will be more requirements added. Blog Category ‘Assignment 01 Analysis.’
(Please also read and paragraphs for: Place Branding Speranza, Zaera Between Ideas and Matter,  Vitiello Wilcox The Difference is in the Detail + Gilmore A Country-Spain.)
PDX Pearl District, Portland + BCN 22@ Information Activities District Barcelona (22@ Presentation):

(Please use the graphics guidelines in lcaBCN and Detroit.) (Barcelona 22@ Master Plan)


Haley, Jenna + Willie, Jesse

City, District, Neighborhood.  Locate the the next scaled drawing and key external forces at each scale.

Natalie, Eli + Grace, Vijayeta
Zoning Use at Neighborhood Scale:  Residential, Commercial, Institutional (schools, government), Services, and Historically Protected and non-protected (Residential or Industrial)  22@ Ordination Plan Public Open Space +

Charley, Tim + Hanna, Tina
Material Mapping at Neighborhood Scale: James Corner collage of material, timelines (and location) Detroit Graphics Examples

Oliver, Henry + Sermin, Shri
External Conditions: Anthropological (Cultural Identity) + Natural (across scales of Neighborhood of neighborhood, Cities PDX BCN,  PDX BCN region)
– History + Cultural history of site, Census example Detroit. 22@ District Ordination Plan, 22@ Context, some of Neighborhood,
– External conditions example via Parametric Places: PV Energy (Adam and Jeffrey), Historical Built Fabric (Ivan and Ben), Food Culture (Jeff and Yin), Emergent Green Ways (Andy and Sam), Density of 10% Open Spaces (Casey and Jared)



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