02 Class Notes

Diagramming and Material Affect, 1:00- 2:30
Performative Unit, 3 Buildings
– Diagramming: presentation from 610
– Review the Allen, Corner and Latour Reading
– Review how the blog works
– “I really liked your comment”  Big take away is Oliver’s comment of objective of 9-10 week is making, not deploying- leave that for the Spring Term.    1. More than 3 weeks (wk 7 not ‘build able’); 2. Spring Deployment;  3. Progress on stakeholders (like Detroit, somethings ill work on, don’t worry about); 4. Volunteer at soup kitchen and site visit next week;  5. Program, be patient- we will develop this together.  6. Schedule forthcoming
– We will make: foam cutting hand wk2, laser cut performative wall system wk2-3 (mylar, paper), , foam cnc wk3-4, wood cnc wk4-5, acrylic laser and cnc wk5-6.
* next week in class Case Study of PS 1.
* (Not today) Program: Criteria + Function
* We will transition class time from discussion and methods to more desk crits as the project moves forward.

Place Branding / Identity 2:30- 3:30
– Place Branding: Anholt in Class + Speranza Place Branding Presentation

Documentation and Analysis Assignment 01, see below 3:30
Detroit and lca:BCN for some graphics
– Google Earth through the sites: Site (BCN 22@ + PDX Pearl, Vestas) Information Activities: What is the identity  / Place Brand of these Cities, Districts, Neighborhoods, Urban Rooms

James Corner





…to be concluded rightfully with Dr. Evil.


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