My college thesis.

thesis cover

My college thesis.

So – after our discussion today I remembered that I wrote my college thesis in 2007 about … well about a lot of rambling things, some of which deal with the creation and “branding” of the Pearl, in it’s infancy.

I’m slightly hesitant to post it as it’s quite long and some of the writing is painfully bad.  So, y’know, take it with a pinch of salt (or a handful.)



One response to “My college thesis.

  1. Oliver, thank you for sharing this.
    “It’s great that Portland plans for development . . . But you can also plan your utopia to the point that you kill the life within it. ”
    The ideas of gentrification, partnerships with developers and HUD for the streetcar, and of Codrescu’s “unexpected beauty” are all very relevant. The last idea brings up a German friend Gerhard Manken’s research on watching the watchers- who is it that defines the identity that we all agree with and say, “Yes, that must be the identity.”

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