“The pieces wouldn’t be anything without the people who interact with them” Bruges


Hello everyone, just thought of sharing these talks with you:

Carolyn Steel: How food shapes our cities

Doris Kim Sung: Metal that breathes

And finally, an article and video I really enjoyed watching here, about 20 installations in 6 minutes.

I particularly like the interactive wall in the children’s hospital and the creative solution it brings to the problem.

Also, the elevator that tells the story of the building at night is interesting.

Finally, the kinetic colorful structure displayed image is a different approach on low-tech interactivity.


One response to ““The pieces wouldn’t be anything without the people who interact with them” Bruges

  1. The food presentation is quite depressing – although spot on accurate. Portland is an interesting city because I think it is beginning to get at what she is calling Citopia. You have neighborhood gardens, for example at Ladd’s Addition, which provide a communal area for growing the residents’ food and creating a social connection. Some restaurants here have rooftop gardens where they grow the vegetables that they serve. You have home gardens and home chicken coops all over the city. Is this driven by Portlander’s DIY predilections, respect for the environment, awareness of food sustainability, or is it driven also by city planning that allows this to flourish? The food cart phenomenon also provides an interesting view into how food shapes the city. There is a study on economic and urban renewal with regards to food carts that was published by the city of Portland. I’ll post it under the category Portland.

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