03 Class Notes

Announcements: 1:00
Rhino, Gary to provide access. Mostly March II.  Let us know if you are not using it. Tuesday at 5.  Computer room 375.
Poll students for Rhino + Vray Demo.
Office hours.  Office with Howard 485
Nathaniel Stanton, Structural Engineer http://www.nathanielstanton.com http://www.craftengin.com  +  Maybe Tom Ogorzalek, NJIT Masonry Build
Claire Maulhardt of Greenworks will give a talk tomorrow Friday 1/11 at 4:00pm  room 451.

Term Schedule 6+3: Individual Design + Group Design: 1:20
1-2. Site Anlysis, Purpose (Rhino/GH, Performative wall system ex, paper/mylar) PS 1 Case Study in Class.
3-4. Material affect (Cnc foam, 1:1 mockup of affect) joinery, Unit
5-6. Unit+organization+external force ‘attachment'(real).(Cnc, wood, acrylic)
*Individual Project Presentation
2-4. Thesis, external forces, time, affect

Review Student work: cross critic 1:30

Review readings 3:00

Work Time: 4:00 other can leave to Landscape Presentation


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