Assignment 02

– Revise site analysis, post, prepare to present
– Assignment 02: Investigate/Research program and purpose.  What is it?  Who does it affect?  Why is it important.  Paragraph.  DIAGRAM!!  Differentiate what you are diagramming (relationships).  One color or color range.  Some design drawing / diagrams here.  Context and Concept images (take ownership- Photoshop).  Cultural Events over time of that place. One movie clip about Place Branding and Social Services.  External Conditions to ‘Attach’ to.  PDX BCN.  Post, share and present.
– Rhino + Vray + RhinoCAM Installation.  Rhino tutorials + Tiling Exercise optional. VPN (see your email for license number)
Vicente Guallart, Smart Cities Post / Reading + Smart Cities Posts (quick review this but we will talk about it in class)


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