Assignment Two

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Using modularity and digital technology this Urban Service Unit aims at providing the housed community of the Pearl district and the non-housed community of the downtown area with a framework to engage, understand, learn and share  in order to express forms of awareness and empowerment with each other.


The diagrams express several potential design influences and intentions for a sort of “Urban Service” unit or a “soup kitchen”. The first page is a diagram with chameleons. This diagram expresses the intended ability for the project to be able to adapt to different urban environments and cultures with different needs and influences. The second set of diagrams includes a Re-Deployable framework, that the project be able to be taken apart and put back together elsewhere. The “ON-ward” is a minor attempt at a relevant and poetic form of branding the organization for the city of Portland by using the fish hook roundabout sign symbol. The “UCPU” is a concept of electronic availability between social services to be accessible from the Urban Service Unit. Several examples of empowerment and participation are expressed in order to consider the opportunity for this project and its surrounding urban environment to be part of a larger social engagement between people in need of help and the rest of the community. The diagram on the right is the prototype of a concept for food container packaging to be adapted into a modular thermal blanket system.

hershey people chocolate cocoa hershey kiss lamps sweetest place on earth

When considering a place branding clip, I realized that the town I grew up in has been branded for generations. Whenever I mention that I grew up in Hershey, PA someone inevitably makes a little joke about the town being made of chocolate. The truth is, the town does a few things to offer this as a real branding opportunity. They produce cocoa mulch made out of cocoa shells from the chocolate making process that are used all over town for gardening (it actually smells like chocolate). The air in the town, mostly when it is about to rain, smells like chocolate from the factory. The street lights are shaped like Hershey’s kisses. The streets are named after products that go into the chocolate making process or places that they are sourced from. There is a theme park where the rides are chocolate themed and life-size versions of the company’s various chocolate bars roam around in Disney-like clothe mascot outfits. The best part is that upon entering the theme park you yourself are given the name of a candy bar in order to determine what rides you are allowed to go on based on your size. As you grow up you get to be larger candy bars, the point is the company TURNS THE CHILDREN INTO CANDY BARS!! The name Hershey is on most signs in the town and the billboards on all routes into town have advertisements/welcome signs that claim “Hershey : the sweetest place on earth.”


One response to “Assignment Two

  1. top diagram- group the people. really. they are all different but how?
    weather- get specific- if for infographics if not a generative diagram.
    table diagram with text- move beyond space. control one difference in the text and related to one idea- for example, the spatial comfort of an activities.

    can you state your purpose in a single sentence? is it related to the Urban Service Unit? how does it perform as a soup kitchen in the way that supports the subtle differences of space, environmental conditions or culture that your diagrams touch on.

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