Program and Purpose

The primary program of this installation is to serve as a food cart for the homeless.  However, this would most likely create an awkward bubble within the neighborhood where the residents and the homeless won’t interact.  One solution to this is to incorporate a secondary program of street chess (or other board games).  Although not really a social service, street chess can provide strong social interactions.  This is a very good way for people from all kinds of backgrounds to interact and enjoy an enriching and often times humbling moment together.  This video describes the street chess scenes in San Francisco but are also prominent in many urban areas all around the world.



Movement of a Knight.


Place Branding

This video is part of the strategic place branding initiative by Amsterdam.  Their primary premise is that Amsterdam is a diverse city that has something for everyone and is not simply a destination for wild adventures.

I had mentioned this campaign in class about updating the image of Canada.  This campaign is not to redesign Canada’s brand, but to educate the Americans that seemed to have pigeonholed Canadians into a specific image.  Know Canada.


One response to “Investigation/Program/Branding

  1. Thank you Tim for sharing this.

    I have heard tons of jokes about Canadians, specially in movies and sitcoms, and I wasn’t even in this continent. I think it is a good example to consider when studying how the audience the “education” is designed for can affect the concept of the design itself. Here, the icons and images of Canada were chosen to appeal to its geographical neighbor. If the recipients were people in Africa, Europe or the Middle East, this campaign will be irrelevant and meaningless.

    As for Amsterdam, I will post some charts used to come up with the final product.

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