Color Refraction_Jenna Pairolero

COLOR |ˈkələr| Noun

The property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way the object reflects or emits light.

REFRACTION |riˈfrakSHən| Noun – Physics

The phenomenon of light deflected in passing obliquely through the interface between one medium and another or through a medium of varying density.


WHAT/WHO/WHY_1. A 10’x10’10’ vessel that distributes food to those in need. 2. A gathering space that  A) reflects the identity of its community through artistic customization, B) provides a safe and comfortable environment, and C) provides a visually interesting aesthetic which sparks conversation between users, community members, and passerby’s.

MATERIAL AFFECT_Refraction of light


In my thesis, LIGHT is analogous to HUMAN BEINGS and the effect of REFRACTED LIGHT and COLOR is analogous of the DIVERSITY OF PEOPLE. 

Assignment2-01 Assignment2-03 Assignment2-05

ASSIGNMENT-02 ASSIGNMENT-06Studio_Parametric-01Assignment2-07


2 responses to “Color Refraction_Jenna Pairolero

  1. I particularly agree with this thought “outside Portland’s downtown it looks & acts like any other city suburb.”

    And Portland definitely has a different image in the media than (I think) it really is. Sure, it follows high “sustainability” standards in term of planning and energy, but does that make her any special?

  2. What makes people feel comfortable: what people- the people eating and the uncomfortable feeling of watching people eat at the soup kitchen? Do you mean safety as in a feeling of nourishment or crime free?
    Can your criticism above of the outside identity of Portland be more specific. In what ways is the identity from the people and the grass roots and why do you think / who provides, the place brand/identity that is popular?
    i think the nourished diagrams can work without the stick figures. Try it! you are getting there with the stomach indications. push the diagrams farther- consider them over time- 24 hours or even days of the week. or the stretch of food stamps over the days of the month. outside forces? increase cost of foods toward the end of the month- ie end of the food stamp cycle- yes, this has been documented to happen in other cities.
    Can you go deeper into the weather idea of comfort- specifics. is it temperature or moisture? perhaps get the data from the weather service of both…how does this affect eating habits for those in need? These are existing conditions to be documented. data.
    great start!! push some of the diagrams. Ask yourself if you can differentiate what you stared.

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