TED Talk on Place Branding


Leberecht’s talk is focused on companies, but many ideas can be applied to places – some of it we have already read/talked about like embracing public dialogue, remaining open-ended, etc.

(I really like the idea of good deeds as currency)


One response to “Investigation/Program/Branding

  1. Great. I could continue to explore conditions of human connection. maybe shift to real-scaled drawings, zoom in, look at the subtle differences of human connection. is this connection of one self to many, to a small group, to one other or to oneself?
    Changing the context of seeing/understanding homeless people and sharing food is a type of connection. how can you do this? what distance? what time of duration? what time of day? measure all of this.
    continue to map over the site drawings…this may get your drawings/diagrams moving. map conditions of connections. in the right-of-way…in the semi-public space of the storefronts or park blocks.
    great. keep going. zoom in too. back and forth between diagrams and drawings.
    the diagrams of self understanding: esteem, love, safety is all interesting…..hard to measure but very interesting to consider. it will probably take a translation to architectural quality.

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