Vijayeta Davda

WHAT: A soup kitchen functioned to primarily serve food but also involves experiences and activites that reflect the cultural and social values of Barcelona. A place for
participation, interaction and celebration.

WHO: Inclusive of homeless and homed people, disregarding the disparities in their cultural backgrounds.

WHY: Creating a space with attachment to cultural flavours (music, dance, eat and drink) that symbolizes the city and attracts all kinds of people.
– A space for interaction.
– A spcae to participate and celebrate as one.
– A space with sensual experiences (taste_food, see_color, dance and feel_celebration)

MATERIAL AFFECT: Porosity (solid and void + light pattern)
Quality experience by porosity: Creation of a space with no barriers. Play in light.
Physical form of porosity: Enable visual and physical connection between indoor and outdoor spaces.

hc_210611_11-940x466 IMG_2245 copia-1 IMG_2260 copia-1 IMG_2295 copia-1



Art, craft, color, light, music, enthusiasm ….” celebration” of all festivals in Barcelona:

Barcelona Gracia : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZuZ1VmAFos


Purpose & function diagram

Diagram 1

User diagram

Design Parameters


scenario scenario


3 responses to “

  1. Great. When i think of the street festival installations in Barcelona it is the participation of their design, fabrication, installation, celebration and taking down that seems to be the social value. When you talk about the texts maybe this is a lens to cultural of the people. How can you design part of the project to support variations in the cultural background of the participants? Who: does this serve new citizens, the understanding of a variety of citizens.
    You write about additional activities. Can you organize these and think about a system of experiential quality that ties these together?
    Is there an aspect of the quality, or a sensual experience, that is in common between these scenarios of activities?
    Great start. Keep pushing the diagrams. consider time and scenarios- maybe an axis of time.
    More ‘d’ diagrams to brainstorm a broad approach to relationships.
    for the activities, maybe zoom way into the quality in that experience.

  2. The last diagram- can you differentiate ‘porosity?’ I love the idea of that. How does that relate to the variation of the material affect of ‘cultural differences/activities’ that you describe above?

  3. Thanks for your comments Philip. I see “Porosity” as one of the main attributes to create the identity of the soup kitchen. Porosity_ “Physically” expressed in terms of the material useage and Porosity_”qualitatively” to attract all kinds of people with cultural background variations and to celebrate as one. It is seen as an element that blends these variations. Working on the diagrams to express this idea.

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