Acoustic Interweaving [Henry Smith]

Slc piano project/ homeless guitar

Slc piano project/ homeless guitar

[Acoustic Interweaving]

Purpose: Who-What-Why

To create interactions among conventionally dissimilar socio-economic backgrounds through an integrative  creative musical/artistic process.

External Conditions: Disharmony-Ambient Acoustics-Ergonomics-Movement

Reconciliation of External Conditions- Diagrams

studiodiagrams [Converted]tessla [Converted]diagramsassingn2

[Program+Purpose] (extensive)

The purpose of this project is to provide a central focus which radiates notions and actions of improved social interactions in an urban fabric. In particular the specific intent of this project is to intertwine a common thread between distinctly different socio-economic groups, in essence generating a stage for mutually beneficial cultural harmony. This vessel should empower each individual by encouraging the desire for cooperation, thus elevating the social dynamic as a whole; Elements (people) self-organizing a ridged but flexible civil structure. The first mandate is to address the commonalities which expose the breadth of primal human nature. People like any organism require nourishment; Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually. The physical describes the requirement for food, shelter, and safety. The emotional describes the inherent desire to feel acknowledged, wanted, and needed. The spiritual describes that integral factor that transcends physical and emotional but nourishes them both through the creation of a common wavelength. The existing program (food kitchen) addresses the physical. The organization of food distribution (incentive to provide deeds for others), placement, circulation, and catalytic nodes (conversation, games, coffee, cigarettes, and exchange) addresses the emotional. The common aura prescribed though music and art will offer the spiritual elevation. Music and art will become a central focus. The brand of the pearl invokes the idea of the unique renegade pioneering debonair artists creating community collaboration. The reality of the pearl is an affluent community of posh conspicuous consumption, encompassing only a fabricated sense of this identity. The area must become re-saturated and permeated with the foundations this brand was built upon. Revitalizing the artistic aura will invigorate the urban pulse of the city and instill the ideas of creation and productivity across the social/cultural spectrum.

Henry C. Smith

Contextual Diagram:


Material Effects Diagram:

material effect



Wall Iterations:



One response to “Acoustic Interweaving [Henry Smith]

  1. Great Henry. Are you interested in music and sound? What: the soup kitchen installation as a place that attenuates conditions of sound, both everyday sound and high-art sound such as street musicians and organized musical events. Who: this will serve the city as identified as a place of high culture (ex. jazz festival), Portlanders (i think of listening to street performers in the NYC subway), and a place for artists to practice and exhibit their art. This is important to extend the place brand of Portland into the musical arts.
    …you could combine that to one sentence, eliminating descriptions, and a second sentence may talk about the material affect- ie, sounds attenuation, etc.

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