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In recent years Spain has gone through some economic problems that are creating a situations that is reversing what once was a great economic country due to the fact that a quarter of Spain’s workforce is currently unemployed. This unemployment creates a need for services that help the 25% of the people that are out of work that Spain has not needed to address at this scale for some time. This creates an opportunity for multiple, mobile unites, to be dispersed throughout Spain. One strategic location to implement these unites would be the experimental 22@ district in Barcelona Spain. This structure would serve not only those affected by the economic crisis by providing a location to easily acquire food, but also be a sort of beacon for information that helps inform everyone of what the situation and culture of these people are and what it could be. The structure will also create a sort of outdoor gathering space that would bring the homeless or unemployed and the rest of the community together. It would also have a 24 hour use, for example it will transform when closed to be used as some sort of sleeping or storage unit for the homeless. The main ideas of the structure are mobility, information, and adaptable/transformable space.

Barcelona’s 22@ District Branding

Conceptual/Contextual Images

Beacon of Information






Transformable 2


led Screen Media TC


open space


One response to “Investigation/Program

  1. Information. The communication of information, culture and food. How can the material support this— wood and the material affect- lighting, tactility, thermal…some abstract visualization of the data. what is the balance of abstraction and reach data communication?
    ZOOM IN. What data…precisely? what kind of data? you may have to pick a specific type of data for people to understand the general idea…the seasonal accessibility of one type of food for example.

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