Redefining the Soup Kitchen


Maximize the experience of equality and inclusion for all community members


Diagram Series 2

Our task is to develop a “soup kitchen” fitting into the urban fabric of either Portland or Barcelona. This project is intended to be built out of wood, fit with a 10’x10’x10’ space, and have a modular nature that will allow fast assembly and disassembly. The project should be able to be installed at different locations around each respective city. The construction must be durable enough to last a minimum of one year.

Food service projects like this affect not only the needy in the vicinity, but also the people living in the neighborhood. Placing a project like this in a public area also focuses visitors in on the issue of feeding the homeless, and therefore impacts the image of the city.

Rather than looking at this installation of a soup kitchen as a burden that perpetuates homelessness without provide solutions, I would like the soup kitchen to expose homelessness to a sheltered public, educate both users and visitors, and enhance the opportunities for people to move out of homelessness by having the “soup kitchen” function as a node of stimulation and opportunity.



A great starting point for simple line diagrams, Precedents in Architecture is available to read online through the U of O Library system

Tiling Exercise




One response to “Redefining the Soup Kitchen

  1. (firstly i merged your posts).
    Equity and inclusion are great.
    Who: how specifically can you identify the users? what kinds of people will use the soup kitchen and be apart of the urban room to which it belongs?
    Why is it important to / how, to the place brand of Portland?
    How does inclusion and a soup kitchen work together?
    The diagram of knowledge is interesting. Differentiate knowledge. what type of knowledge are we talking about? of what? what kind of knowledge? diagram that. knowledge of knowing if i showered today or if i have a home or related tot he food?
    Draw the relationship, not the thing. Is there any relevant census data on homeless or food access in Portland? could this not be a good starting point for the info-graphics? data and or the quantifiable data that is the knowledge that you seek people to know?
    What are scenarios of knowledge over time? these exist. what are they between housed and houseless in Portland? food and foodless?
    good work! thoughtful.

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