Writing: Thesis Paragraph

Some times our thoughts precede are ability to visually and materially communicate our ideas.

I might give this a shot before the Content + Parametrics exercise and perhaps afterward.

PDX BCN @ Attachment:

– Thesis Paragraph of 3 sentences, with highlighted words: purpose (affect)  |  attachment to external conditions  |  material

1) Purpose concisely of what is the purpose (resolve Problems+Potentials) to enhance an existing external condition at the site, who it affects and why it is important

2) Quality of human experience to make people aware of the purpose above attaching to external conditions: 3-4 conditions that you will support;

3) Material and assembly.  Systematic differences across units (Parametrics).   Think about the Problems + Potentials.  Use our weblog for information.  You should review the overviewCourse Objectives and readings in the page tabs above (same as syllabus) and Project 01 Program and Criteria.


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