05 Class Notes

Overview 1:00-1:15pm

Diagrams, Collages, info graphics, Philip to comment  1:15h
Diagrams, Collages, info graphics, Review with 2 classmates  1:30h
Paragraphs (email to Philip)
Purpose to Material Affect connection (Material Affect 05 from before + new 610 Lecture 08 on Tiling)  2:00
(610 Lecture 04 Organizational Systems posted)

Rhino: Tiling Exercise 2:30h
Slits of light…Material Affect via assembly…Vray to render(soon).  4:00h

Assignment for Friday
Two-word title: material affect (sensory experience) + operation
Rhino tutorial if necessary  Tutorial/Exercise 06
Grasshopper tutorials. 08a, 08b, 08c
Read Zaera Pidgin article

Friday in class:
Performative Wall Systems (in class):  Rhino and GH
…continue due Wednesday


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