HouMinn Prototypes

This is one of my old professors from MN, Marc Swackhamer.  He does some pretty cool research and installations that relate to our project.  Go to the link below and check out his work!!



“Drift House is a temporary homeless shelter sited in an existing building in the “Bowery” neighborhood of Manhattan. It is an environment that grows, shrinks, shifts, and adapts according to the living requirements of its inhabitants. A series of incremental changes in size and shape allow it to gradually fluctuate, or “drift”, from one state to another. The unit’s primary drifting component is a large sliding aluminum shell along its front elevation. When “open”, the unit expands. When “closed”, the unit collapses, shifting its volume outside the unit to a public “porch” space.” (http://www.houminn.com/prototypes/)


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