06 Class Notes (+ Assignment)

Overview 1:30-2:00pm (discussion)


Case Study 01: PS1 and others

Purpose of author, Material Affect, Unit Assembly and Connection


Material Investigation

1:1 Species: Cedar,  Black Walnut?, pine, douglas fir, Juniper , reused X, local?

  • Diagrammatic Modeling, Basswood/Balsa
  • Dimension:  plywood, 3/4″ carpentry grade, 2x’s, solid, timbers
  • Connection detail material??
  • CNC- Rigid Insulation.  Acrylic?  John Leahy

Organize funding access/protocol with Arch Dept.  $5000.00, Philip

  • – class material investigation, wood selection- individual model materials (keep your receipt- no guarantees)
  • – prototype modeling, testing
  • – final build
  • – Laser cutter / routing time

Stakeholders, Site Approval:  Bob Hasting TriMet
Code Approval:
Design Engineering:
Construction Engineering: Nathaniel Stanton Week 08 visit + earlier Skype meeting/s?
Performative Wall System Exercise: Material Affect from the BottomUP, due Wednesday January 23

Exercise 7a (Physical, Rhino, NO Grasshopper)

Example from last year, Gretchen Leary:


Exercise 7b   (Grasshopper using template)

Choose one of the three GH templates: Surface, Brick, Convex on the AAA server for our class “Grasshopper Definitions.”  *I also put some helpful JPGs used in the image sampler tutorial on in a folder “Image Sampler Backgrounds.” **Also a folder “Media Lectures.”

The external force may use point or line attractors or image sampler for any template.

Be creative to think of the unit (“brick”) as any wood material unit.  Consider using Boolean operations to create something that is then subtracted from the surface. Try to loosely explore your purpose/material affect using the Performative Wall System (could be a ceiling or floor).  If this is frustrating then do your best but do work through a wall system.  We will share our work in class.

Great work.  Keep exploring.  Plenty of time.  Keep working.


Assignment for Wednesday: Refine Assignment 02, Print 11 x 17 landscape please

  • Two-Word Title (ex. words: affect, place brand, operation)
  • Your Name
  • 3 sentence paragraph: 1) what, who, why; 2) Material Affect and 3-4 variations; 3) Unit assembly + operation  (new, explore options)
  • Additional text  (optional)
  • ‘d’ diagrams
  • diagrams: collage diagrams and or generative diagrams, 4th degree diagrams
  • drawings: it may be helpful to do drawings studies of the small scale of your diagrams but including scale and material (ie, Zaera’s idea of diagrams / drawings) ex. Sou Fujimoto Wooden House generative diagrams and drawings.  Draw from the ‘bottom up,’ the detail upward- human experience scale, what Holl would call the ‘haptic realm.’  Consider 1-1/2″ or 3″ wall section detail…yes, now, firstly…!
  • info-graphics of relevant external forces
  • 2 context images + 2 concept images
  • district / neighborhood / urban room diagrams mapping external forces over the site (chose any site in your district using Assignment 01).
  • tiling exercise (optional)


Examples of material affects from Lecture 08:  we should add to this

Natural (outside forces)

  • Lighting, Jean Nouvel
  • Solar gain
  • Thermal retention
  • Wind, Ned Kahn and Ventolera Winery
  • Gravity (horizontal and vertical)
  • Animal / Vegetation Habitat


Examples of Change Over Time from Lecture 08:

  1. Fixed variation in the system- change during design process, Ex. Her Secret is Patience
  2. Moving parts- change during life of project, Ex. Ill de Llum
  3. Participant move to comfortable space, Granada, Ex. Nieto Sobejano
  4. Outside Change, sun and wind, Ex. Ned Kahn


**Sorry for my comments about why the time management and assignments are not getting done at different degrees.  I’m frustrated.  Ill try to keep working toward clearer, efficient assignments and being open to a pluralism of student processes while still trying to teach some specific methods.  Ill offer some more media sessions outside class time.  it will get better.  it will be great!


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