“Afterparty” MOS


“Afterparty” is a temporary urban shelter and passive cooling station that allows for social interactions to thrive. Built by MOS in 2008, it was located in the MoMA to serve as a cool place to hang out during their music series. afterparty-ps1

The requirements for the installation were that it needed to provide shade, water, seating, and bar areas. Materials used were a light-weight aluminum frame, covered in an Indonesian palm thatch. 3965039399_dbbcd00d72_b

The palm thatch was non-directionally placed in order to resemble vernacular village structures. Although it looks heavy from the outside, the material is fairly light-weight and light seeps through the material to the interior space. 3965044265_38c43bfd95_b

The tall hut-like “chimneys” create a micro climate of its own through the shape and material of the structure. The chimneys draw cool air from the interior concrete walls and troughs by way of induction. This creates a cool breeze and an enjoyable space for people to gather during the hot summer. 3965045181_b50338d9d2_b 3965901970_5a4d9b8a7c_b

This space acts and resembles that of vernacular village structures. In addition, it serves as a gathering place for people to meet and interact – the same purpose these vernacular structures were originally intended to have.


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