MoMA PS1 2007 – Ball-Nogues: Liquid Sky [oliver brandt]

party party

ground level

ground:hammock detail

Program: Pre-show party space for the PS1 concert series. Includes mylar shade structures, hammock benches and “soaking stations” where people can get water dumped on them.

bw sketch_02 bw sketch hand held test netting tension diagram tripods in their holes from above

Process: “Low Tech meets New Tech” – Initial interests in the material and qualities of mylar as a shading device and the experiential quality of “soothing exhilaration, subtle stimulation and inspirational calm.” This interest in binaries leads in two different directions: first the finely tuned and constructed shade device that uses canted tripods to support the weight of cables that forms catenary curves and subsequently provide support for the mylar pieces. Second: the “rough” space within the tripods that holds the communal hammock benches.  While the design portions is precise, the fabrication of the shade is precise, whereas the fabrication of the hammocks is almost haphazardly stitched together.  

above at night guy getting soaked view from below view up through net

Affect(s): The mylar shade creates beautiful and complex patterns of colored shadows, which move and respond to the wind.  Additionally, the force of the wind on the cable supports, triggers a suspended trough of water to dump down at the soaking station, providing a visceral, physical experience of both the natural forces and the structural response.


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