PS1 Holding Patterns – Interboro Partners


The concept for Holding Patterns was based on two ideas. 1. Recycling and 2. Strengthening connections between the MOMA PS1 and the surrounding neighborhoods. “We did this by making matches between things institutions in the neighborhood needed and things that would enhance the experience of the MoMA PS1 courtyard.”

“The environment we created responded to different desires in ways that a fixed piece of architecture couldn’t, and giving the neighborhood a stake in the design made locals more likely to patronize the museum.” (Interboro Partners website)

79 objects and 84 trees were donated to more than 50 organizations in Long Island City







“filtering canopy of rope strung from MoMA PS1’s wall to the parapet across the courtyard, the installation highlights the unusual pre-existing conditions of the immediate site. entirely column-free, the main space is dedicated to the community, providing a public ‘rec-room’ to socialize, meet, and relax.”



All information gathered from sources below


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