Assignment for Friday

You are getting closer to the ideas of material affect.  Keep exploring- push the diagram- keep trying.  Explore the material assembly that support the ideas we discussed in class today.  We will get wood.
Purpose + Method (place branding with the soup kitchen: attachment to a measurable context with human experience.)

Watch the UO Achim Menges Podcast;  Wood.  Units.  We will add social purpose.
Two-word title; three sentences; purpose- material affect- unit- operation (rotate, move, scale, extrude, etc)
Refine diagrams and  performative wall system- how can you wall system or someone else’s in the room, support the controlling of your affect.  Make models.  Try another template if you want to.
1 1/2″ walls section focusing on the unit of the material affect.  Try a delicate line drawing- control line weights and line types.
Draw a series of 1/2″ section with a variety of conditions, 2-3 conditions.   Consider human scale in section.  Measure.  You could explore the quality of your material affect in parallel- name them.
Please print for Friday, 11 x17 vertical.


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