08 Class Notes

Overview (1:00-1:15pm)
Mid-term Review on Wednesday, January 30th.

  • P: Purpose- Material Affect- Unit- Operation.
  • M: Continue Grasshopper and Performative Wall System Exercise. Allow to evolve to project. *exercise 7b. Use GH templates on AAA server.
  • P: Research study: what is a soup kitchen? Attachment Diagrams- Time + Scenarios.
  • M: CNC Foam ++  Taxonomy of CNC: panelization, stereolith, etc (See Lisa Iwamoto + ACADIA books, now on reserve in library under Nancy Cheng- TAKE TECHNIQUES) Monday in class.
  • M: Wood, Taxonomy of Joinery, joinery connection (Class work next week).  Richard Nelson will serve as our craftsperson.  Objective is to breach the barrier between architect and craftsperson.

Reviewed work in student groups of three

Philip Coordination with John Leahy.  John to demo RhinoCAM and introduce FabLab CNC use on Monday, January 28 at 1pm.  Please be in class on time.  Philip to get sample wood this weekend.

Desk Crits


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