4/6 Review Project 1, Mid-Term Presentation

Place Branding of Public Space + Attachment (Please reread the course Overview and Objectives, considering the ideas from the readings, password:Barcelona)

Outline for Deliverables

The following is a minimal list of requirements for the this review.  Please format all work to 4:3 proportion and upload Weblog Category ’Project 01_4/6 Review.’  Please format all work to 4:3 proportion and upload to AAA server/4_584 Speranza/4/6 Review.  Please use file protocol last_first_4/584_W13_00.jpg as 3000 x 3000 pixel JPGS.  We will show them from the folders.


Project Presentation (individual slides as jpgs in a folder or Powerpoint. 25-30 slides max. please speak over only 12 max.  dont describe them but connect them together.)  Consider one highlight color and or a short color range for all diagrams.

01 Two-Word Title + Design Drawing (optional)

02 Two-Word Title + Thesis Paragraph with Sentences:

1. Purpose, Who it affects, Why important

2. Affect and 3-5 conditions of affect

3. Material affect, unit, assembly, parametric operation, tool, and the external conditions that explain the ATTACHMENT to the place brand (culture, nature, food business, etc.) BCN or PDX.

Post 4 paragraph writing assignment.

03-06 Analytical Diagrams (Purpose Investigation):

Context and Concept images (take ownership- Photoshop).  Cultural Events over time of that place. One movie clip about Place Branding and Social Services

Info-graphics of relevant external forces (Data Analysis)

2 context images + 2 concept images

‘d’ diagrams

Timeline (change over day, week or year) and Scenario

4th degree Generative Diagram (differentiation)

Identify external forces and map over time

drawings should have a similar language, delicate lines, see the Miralles Pinos drawings (line weights, line types)


City Plan

District Plan

Neighborhood Plan

Urban Room Plan (Diagrammatic)

Use Maps: residential, open space, parks, institutional including schools, commercial, etc. relevant to your project

10-13 Purpose to Material Affect: Craft Exploration

Tiling 3D:  similar to what we did in class but  Tutorial/Exercise 06, with explanation via today 05a and the digital 5b Arch 610_F12_Exercise 05

Performative Wall  System Exercise (Rhino + Grasshopper): One large image of wall and three small images of the conditions, title them.   Photos of models.

14 Urban Installation Case Study: 05 Case Study
Consider: 3 photos (scale); Purpose; Context, Concept; District, Neighborhood, Urban Room diagrams; Organization; Material (Catalog); Unit; Affect / Performance; Stakeholders, return on profit (Public / Private idea)

15-16  1:1 Material Assembly Studies

17  Intervention Wall Section, 1  1/2″ = 1′-0″,  Installation Unit Assembly Detail, 3″ = 1′-0″

18  Site Section 1/8″ = 1′-0″, minimum one, could be two.  Choose site (From Original BCN PDX Sites, Park Block North, TriMet @ JeldWen.

Axonometric drawing of connection/joint detail of construction method (You may start with 3″ section and project or model it, See Wendy Talarico drawings or Details Magazine.)

**Notice how there are no required photo realistic rendered perspectives.  You may chose to do them (AFFECT and moody), perhaps considering scenario diagrams and the timeline.  Place this toward the end but not at the end, please.


Printed Book, Letter format, 8 1/2 x 11 landscape.  Black and White unless necessary in color.


00  Studio Group Work Presentation : BUT feel free to take ownership of these drawings and use them early in your presentation.

01 Analysis

BCN 22@ Materials

BCN 22@ City,District,Neighborhood MapsBCN 22@ Uses

BCN 22@ Barcelona’s External Forces: History, Culture, Soup Kitchen
PDX Pearl Materials

PDX Pearl City, District, Neighborhood MapsPDX Pearl UsesPDX Pearl External Forces: History, Culture, Soup Kitchen

PDX Pearl Materials

PDX Pearl Materials 2

{}{}{}  Please let me know if you have any questions.  We can talk about this Monday, with clarifications. Thank you.


2 responses to “4/6 Review Project 1, Mid-Term Presentation

  1. Case study:
    Will each student have to represent what he originally researched, or are we talking about using only 3 slides each student finds relevant to his project ?

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