Assignment for Monday

Assignment for Monday (Mid-term list forthcoming):

  • Assignment: Reverse design the Affect you want (Rhino / Photoshop), zoom way in + ; 1:1 mockup of affect; Measure the external force to ‘attach to’ in a drawing.  Build your Latour gun, ie generative diagram, info graphic or other tools.
  • Site line drawing as 1/8″ section elevation, with photoshopped people/activity of context: PDX/BCN. Adjacent buildings, curbs, urban features (trees, curbs, light poles, signs).  You may select the area in Park Blocks near the Culinary Institute for example, or a plaza on Pere IV in 22@BCN.  Attachment…
  • Writing Assignment: 2 word title (affect, operation, context, etc).  Begin with your 3 sentences (see prior notes) as intro paragraph.  Expand on each sentence in three new 3-5 sentence paragraphs connecting your project to the class topic of Place Branding and Social Services and Bruno Latour’s idea of ‘attachment,’  citing one author from our reading list for each paragraph.

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