ambivalence : ambi-valence



One response to “ambivalence : ambi-valence

  1. ok.
    the opening image implies that there may be a human scale attenuation between the people and the light- a beam of light representing but operatively activating individual people. this might play nicely with the social equity issue of each person being special. obviously this would requiring scaling of the material.

    if the exterior condition is important to you maybe run through some scenarios of it being in various sites- Jeldwen, near White Stag, a Park block, etc. then maybe there is an understanding and control of how it preforms differently at each. is solar orientation important, ie make a difference? maybe the south wall and or slope are spaces differently or different dimensions of wood. is it oriented with the central axis east west or north south? i imagine that the food process, for food security is not only people waiting in line. where do the other conditions occur, perhaps thinking of Hannah’s sectional calibration to the human body and heights/ distances to reach.

    how can the differences above be enabled possibly with the CNC, ie paramtrically? or how can your detail/joinery use the variability offered by the tool to embed variation? do you create an evenly lit space by countering the unevenly lit character of something else like orientation or the program of food arrival, storage, prep, serving, eating, cleaning, etc.

    from the diagram of visibility, what does it mean that when im straight in front of it i can see through but at an angle i can not? do people maybe pass through it to line up? or are they eating inside? it closes i presume when not in use. have you considered a different organization than the central nave, maybe the wall wraps three sides?

    what is the rod? there is not an infinitely long rod (steel? or wood dowel) so how is this assembled?

    what if you warped the vernacular shape just slightly, and that provided the seating or also a feeling / experience along the wall?

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