Davda_Vijayeta_4584_W13_01,02 Davda_Vijayeta_4584_W13_03 Davda_Vijayeta_4584_W13_04 Davda_Vijayeta_4584_W13_05 Davda_Vijayeta_4584_W13_06 Davda_Vijayeta_4584_W13_07 Davda_Vijayeta_4584_W13_08 Davda_Vijayeta_4584_W13_09 Davda_Vijayeta_4584_W13_10 Davda_Vijayeta_4584_W13_11 (1) Davda_Vijayeta_4584_W13_12 Davda_Vijayeta_4584_W13_13 Davda_Vijayeta_4584_W13_14

Midterm review Comments:

1. To create 1 system with more utility and purposes.

2. How does the system change as people use it. 



  1. i saw you today. i think you are on a good path with Sermin and you can help each other through the software. be multi headed. have one idea generating the overall design, etc, but maybe in parallel also explore other ideas. help each other, ask each other ALL the time, “what do you see.” give yourselves time to work separately.

    consider maybe to apply this to both Barcelona and Portland. July 4th for us or other events in the park blocks. how would it be used? how are your events related to food.

    what is the free change in the environment, natural or people that you can tie into? i think it will take off in a whole other direction when you start fabricating on Monday. sticks and sheets is also interesting.

    will you have lighting at night? is there already lighting at night? street light, moon, etc?

    great work! keep going. you are getting better with the skills- dont give up. it is exponential as you start ot have more mastery of it all.

    cheers. the third diagram from the top is beautiful. maybe try in Make2D lines and add to it with real people.

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