Dissolving Boundaries

niou_timothy_4584_W13_01 niou_timothy_4584_W13_02 niou_timothy_4584_W13_03 niou_timothy_4584_W13_04 niou_timothy_4584_W13_05 niou_timothy_4584_W13_06 niou_timothy_4584_W13_07 niou_timothy_4584_W13_08 niou_timothy_4584_W13_09 niou_timothy_4584_W13_10 niou_timothy_4584_W13_11 niou_timothy_4584_W13_12 niou_timothy_4584_W13_13 niou_timothy_4584_W13_14 niou_timothy_4584_W13_15


One response to “Dissolving Boundaries

  1. The 2nd craft exploration is gorgeous. – the hexagon with the small opening but shifted. could you vary the cells without warping the surface necessarily? i might test that.

    your review asked some good questions about how to go 3D and how to more finely tune the perpendicular sticks. the views parallel and perpendicular to the wall are intriguing.

    joinery now.

    i would hold onto the dissolving view to bring people together. definitely test other configurations of the overall form beyond a single wall/line of the assembly.

    im not sure about the assembly axo although i appreciate the drawing.

    the diagram of the day time / night time (hexagon with beige highlight area) are both intriguing (no sheltering overnight, please). how can the activities in that diagram help to explain an intentional variation in the assemble of the sticks or the hexagon exercise? its very interesting.

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