Framed Canopies

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One response to “Framed Canopies

  1. i appreciate the writing. I think you need time to dive deeply into making. consider the overall organization of the project now, the form/plan, etc.

    i thought the conversation of thinking how people will bring things to this are interesting. maybe test the density, the unit size, the orientation, the square with another shape in plan. also consider how these come together. is it perfectly level? does it twist?

    your diagram of universal design could touch on the bigger issue of social equity and the City of Portland, the identity and the social service. How can you speak to a larger issue through a smaller detail.

    the Fay Jones work and your work makes be think of a network of wood sticks. Can you try to explore a parametric way that might solve this? you can try using the explicit history in Rhino before Grasshopper. consider some of the techniques explored in class. Are you thinking of teaming up with anyone in class?

    the plan may set you free, cutting plans at various heights above the ground and diagramming them to the accessibility issue. what are the specific scenarios of food here?

    good work. as you focus on an assembly system things should get clearer as you can do more with it as you explore it more.

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