Philanthropy Mapping



2 responses to “Philanthropy Mapping

  1. you had a good review.
    it seems to be about food visualization- the flows of food into the installation and out of. what do you think of Nancy’s comments about that idea but mapped from places around the city? we could get into electric LED visualization (mapping food security in the city) or you could keep it more on site in the form of showing the stored food. maybe its a farmers market stand but the food is given out or at least very affordable.
    can your system old food?

    Maybe it is now time to design the overall organization. Is it linear, winding, continuous or a series of points/columns. what about structure?

    Can you support food clutter?

    how close do you get to see the food…is there a different quality from close to far.

    although your idea of food and the city may be big, it may be visualized by a small scale example of that affect.

    you are doing very well. now is the fun part to design. that is what life it for- enjoying the moment. it will be an exciting last part of this project and also the group project for sure!

  2. For Pole Dance they have the balls and play things that move and the poles make noise, with participation- how do people know they are participating with your project? hint- for Pole Dance its not the structure…

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