Tactile Equalization

Cregar_Natalie_4:584_W13_00 Cregar_Natalie_4:584_W13_01 Cregar_Natalie_4:584_W13_02 Cregar_Natalie_4:584_W13_03 Cregar_Natalie_4:584_W13_04 Cregar_Natalie_4:584_W13_05 Cregar_Natalie_4:584_W13_06 Cregar_Natalie_4:584_W13_07 Cregar_Natalie_4:584_W13_08 Cregar_Natalie_4:584_W13_09 Cregar_Natalie_4:584_W13_10 Cregar_Natalie_4:584_W13_11 Cregar_Natalie_4:584_W13_12 Cregar_Natalie_4:584_W13_13 Cregar_Natalie_4:584_W13_14 Cregar_Natalie_4:584_W13_15 Cregar_Natalie_4:584_W13_16


2 responses to “Tactile Equalization

  1. the section is interesting.
    you can go further now. think of the overall design- the organization- strands, swiss cheese, celular, islands, weaving, etc.

    is it still about sound? the tactility and 3D surfacing seem that they might be effective for you.

    your work in the exercises will pay off. stay nimble, bounce between explorations but start to make decisions.

    some people paired up in class. consider this.

    maybe also consider the sticks. it seems to possibly overlap with Tim’s project. maybe talk to him. get beyond the wall now, at least that is your option.

    the diagram of ‘oneself, peer and group’ seems very hopeful to use as a bases for the variations in the system.

    how could this make people accountable? that is a big idea but it can be demonstrated in a small example on the site, involving what you predict people do.

    make another push through the overall design, pushing the unit, consider grouping up with Tim. your comment about distribution would be very welcome from the Culinary Institute’s point of view to consider the process of food- delivery, preparation, warming or not, serving, eating, cleaning, etc. maybe that could drive the changes in the system. do your sticks get more or less dense? what are the variables considering that we have a CNC router?

    great work! you are doing well. keep exploring. slowly reduce the variables. connect the dots- diagrams, wood system, identity and food.

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