TOUCHING Reflectiveness

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One response to “TOUCHING Reflectiveness

  1. I would begin with being more subtle with the point attractor and or more points. try an image attractor.
    try to test beyond the wall. do you enclose space or push space outward (the cross)? Is the overall shape warped? my instinct is to either warp it more or not at all.

    try to place some images of people that are more specific to the dignity ideal you speak of above. the laughter. maybe not abstract people. maybe try a graphic of Make2D line drawings of the piece with fully colored people.

    you cones and ‘purpose to material affect’ are interesting. how would this work for wood, what dimension of wood?

    think about structure too. do some of these have to be a certain thickness for structure? it may be a play between structure and material affect.

    great advancement in the last week! keep going. i sense you are getting close.

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