Empowerment through Participation

Rosenwasser_Eli_4584_W13_01 Rosenwasser_Eli_4584_W13_02 Rosenwasser_Eli_4584_W13_03 Rosenwasser_Eli_4584_W13_04 Rosenwasser_Eli_4584_W13_05 Rosenwasser_Eli_4584_W13_06 Rosenwasser_Eli_4584_W13_07 Rosenwasser_Eli_4584_W13_08 Rosenwasser_Eli_4584_W13_09 Rosenwasser_Eli_4584_W13_010 Rosenwasser_Eli_4584_W13_011 Rosenwasser_Eli_4584_W13_012 Rosenwasser_Eli_4584_W13_013 Rosenwasser_Eli_4584_W13_014 Rosenwasser_Eli_4584_W13_015 Rosenwasser_Eli_4584_W13_016 Rosenwasser_Eli_4584_W13_017 Rosenwasser_Eli_4584_W13_018 Rosenwasser_Eli_4584_W13_019 Rosenwasser_Eli_4584_W13_020 Rosenwasser_Eli_4584_W13_021 Rosenwasser_Eli_4584_W13_023 Print Rosenwasser_Eli_4584_W13_025


One response to “Empowerment through Participation

  1. All the diagrams are great.
    Now i think you share move forward by making things and following a specific line of research.
    i think you may be working in a group now.
    just make. and make and make. and dont change the process. trust it. stay with it. design exploration is fine but with 2 weeks left i would draw the overall 1/8″ section, 1 1/2″ section, wall section, examine the wall system in grasshopper/parametrics,
    physically model it. photograph it.
    You have good thoughts but i would focus on the act of making now.
    it will be great.

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