Translucent Interconnections

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One response to “Translucent Interconnections

  1. The text is very compelling.
    now is time to make.
    the paper model is very interesting- the pieces are bending and twisting- similar to the WISA hotel.
    Maybe this is a common method between you and Jenna. Do not abandon the Grasshopper work. try to choose one of your systems and then explore that in Grasshopper. that is what the studio is for- connecting that to your design purpose and the idea of attachment.
    I can see light and visibility with your project and Jenna’s project. this would satisfy your objective to bring people with food need and without, together. maybe this is the aspect your bring to the system that Jenna is working on, the visibility and personal space issue.
    if you could bring design to a food accessibility installation (food security/soup kitchen) that is enough of a project.
    **make. just make models over and over, explore what they tell you. dont make them to see what you already know. trust that you dont know what they will tell you. look at it. stop. think. then build it again. create a schedule and an objective to make a series of models. paper, wood, foam, any material will work.
    **also think now of the overall design including the organization. do not limit yourself to a wall- that was only the exercise.
    where does someone serve the food, receive it, sit and eat together? if there are separate chairs maybe you design a storage area in the installation when it is closed at night.

    good work. the images 3-6 or 7 above are exquisitely done. print them and put them over your desk. use them when you have to make a decision about making.

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