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  1. Willie
    You had a good review. Our comments about seeing the interaction of the pieces may be useful as well as thinking of what is fixed and what is not. perhaps the cubes can be locked together and assembly together at night. is there a way to stack these where they lock together in either situation?

    do you consider how these vessels hold food? what kind of food- produce or prepared food?

    the idea of ‘translucent outreach’ implies that light passes through these. i think believe the circular diagram with the ‘extend’ and reach out is the more compelling. maybe you explore how the cube literally extends out- ie the parametric variable is the left of the cube.

    also now consider the overall design. it may be more than a wall. if you again look at the circular drawing, you could configure the cubes from a center outward, either as a circle or as a cube but extending out in all directions (360 degree for the circle or in the four directions of a cube). what is interesting of that diagram is the the u shapes elements have backs. maybe that back is translucent? maybe the space between the cubes provides the translucency.

    you are doing well. dont give up on the parametrics either- the Grasshopper exercise. talk to other people. Sermin’s group is doing very well with it. Consider partnering with someone else but not by starting over. start from one person’s system.

    great work. i really like the direction people are taking and as frustrating as it is to learn the new methods i see great growth already. its a new way to see design. keep going! you will get out of it the time you put in and i think you are close to a break through with the system. dont be discouraged. working with systems means that the produce is often reinvented but the process is only tweaked.

  2. but lets move on the making, if i wasnt totally clear with that. find a fast way to model both digitally and physically. find joy in it. i think if it was OMA you would cut the blue foam into many cubes and either laser cut the opening or use a marker to symbolize it. and then you would just put some music on and play with different configurations of cubes. photo graph as you go.

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