Acoustic Interweaving

Henry C. Smithacoustic1acoustic2purposeacoustic3conceptcontextacoustic5infographics acoustic4infographicsacoustic5infographicsacoustic6ddiagramsacoustic7ddiagramsacoustic8conceptimagesacoustic9contexttimagesacoustic910nieghborhoodacoustic911tilingacoustic912prefwallacoustic913contexttimagesacoustic914wallsection


One response to “Acoustic Interweaving

  1. Henry
    You do very nice work. Very rigorous. Maybe you are shy about it because the 3D and parametrics are taking some time but i see mastery of the 2D digital and the hand drawings. bravo.

    via the diagrams you have a deep understanding of the affect of music on human behavior and thusly physical and public space. that is great work. print it out and put it over your desk.

    i know you may be partnering with Eli and my advice to him was to pick a direction and make. make. make. dont change ideas. i suggest you and or he pick on method and purpose and move forward together.

    the last section is promising. the flows look more like air currents than sound waves but its ok. you mean sound waves right?

    system- play / test scale. are the units much smaller or bigger? grid…
    overall design- we stared with wall systems but dont be limited by that. explore other organizations. do you enclose space or push it outward? what is the relationship to the sounds of food, the eating, the utensils, the making of food? or music and other everyday sounds of the city while gathering and eating?

    you have the ability to have a magical project. dont feel restrained by having a partner. push each other. do great work.
    **make. make. make. just learn through making now. you can update the drawing and even design later. paper models, laser cutter, hand and knife, basswood…

    good work!

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