Class Notes and Assignment

Overview (1:00-1:30pm)

1.  Wood Joinery Taxonomy
Finger joint
Lap joint
Cross lap

2. Digital Tooling:

Integration: Tools

  • Hybrid Techniques: Digital and Analog
  • Nonstangard technique design and mass customization
  • Digital fabrication principles
  • Laser cutting
  • Cnc milling and Routing



Achim Menges: Digital Joinery

*For Monday’s cutting:
Flattened (Smash, Flatten, UnrollSRF), Tagged, Organized

Control Surface, design from grid with parametric variations within the module (not necessarily the overall form)

3.  Project preparation for CNC routing
– Purpose- Material Affect- Unit – Operation
– Make new/revise post by the end of class,  via feedback from the review (bullet points or colored text in red)

Structure- joint or in the overall organization.
CNC on Monday, 1pm: Meet in studio at 12:55pm, 4 person groups to John, 2’x2′ areas, 1:1 modeling
Richard, pending confirmation
Culinary Institute review, Friday

Assignment for Monday:
-Revise and develop group projects. (including 1 1/2″ wall section,  1/8″  site section.  Choose a site for this first 6 week project.)
-Review the two studies today: 04 Wood Joints and 05 Digital Tooling
-In Rhino and Grasshopper explore what could be parametric.  Test in Rhino but also try to work through in Grasshopper.  Ask me, each other, try the links to tutorials on the blog.  Prepare 1:1 (maybe 1/2 scale) material for CNC with John (*).  (study this analog if you want to.  Ill look for more foam, thinner)


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