Connecting Light

The space will be able to be inhabited during all hours of the day, providing programmatic functions reminiscing that of a co-op. People can gather to play instruments, creating an enjoyable listening and playing experience for both the homeless and non-homeless. During meal times, food will be brought from an organization, or donated by volunteers. Volunteers (both homeless and non-homeless) will be able to enjoy a meal together. The space can also act as a bartering facility, encouraging trade and interaction amongst all social classes.

This design installation will be a space where there is no homeless or non-homeless, just people enjoying each others company in a safe and positive environment.

This connection will be represented both physically and psychologically. The connections of the structure will be visible as well as allow light to pass through the structure to show the social interconnections.

The structure provides space for storage, seating, and light. Personal items can be stored within the walls of the structure and below the seating that swings out from the walls. Spacing in between seats is controlled to allow for certain “personal space bubbles”. Light well apertures are controlled to allow in the most amount of light where group interactions are occurring. These controlled movements also occur within the actual walls. By the way the walls are concave or convex, spaces both large and small can be created to allow for spacing, storage, or seating.


diagrams-06 diagrams-01 diagrams-02 diagrams-03 diagrams-05



IMG_1854 IMG_1855 IMG_1856 IMG_1857 IMG_1858



diagrams-07diagrams-08PerformWall_020313_Section-01diagrams-04  PerformWall_020313_DiagramPlan-01PerformWall_020313_SiteSection_18 Site Section + Axon Joint


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