Friday Presentation Details and Order

Please be ready to start at 3:30pm in 444.  3:30pm your folder of slides should be on my desktop, your 18×24 should be ready before this for me to prepare (2:30pm), your mockup mounted and your book ready on the wall. Please speak for ONLY 5 minutes. Be concise.

4:00pm   Eli Rosenwasser + Henry Smith
4:20pm   Sermin  Yesilada + Vijayeta Davda
4:40pm   Oliver Brandt + Johanna Lirman

5:00pm   Wilfredo Sanchez
5:20pm   Haley Blanco + Jenna Pairolero
5:40pm   Grace Aaraj + Charles Danner

6:00pm   Tina Wong
6:20pm   Jesse Alvizar + Natalie Cregar
6:40pm   Srivarchini Balaji + Timothy Niou

7:00pm   Break

7:15pm    Discussion of project
7:30pm   Vote
7:45pm   2nd Vote if necessary


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