Design Development

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2 responses to “Design Development

  1. great.
    can we work on one great generative diagram? time, culture, variables of the assembly?
    the opening slide maybe would be enhanced by some texture of culture or wood. without knowing the project its a little Battle Star Galactica.

    how about a straight forward site plan locating the possible sites in the city, the location of your chosen park block in front of the Customs house and a zoom in of the site proper…ahem, District, Neighborhood and Urban Room scale. delicate line drawings.

    explore the differences of hardscape and softscape? remind me to lend you a landscape architecture book i have.

    Name the scenarios something more specific than ‘1’ or ‘2?’

    the perspectives maybe want to be either a section and an axo, or something else. something a little more custom my you, thinking of architectural standards of communication, such as the ‘Design Drawings’ in a search in the Public Use of Private Space blog images- SANAA, SO-IL, OMA in Delirious NY….how do you make your own drawing convention a little more abstract? maybe the trees are not as generic green but it speaks to the mostly grey weather of Portland., maybe a beam of sunlight breaks through the sky…

    check graphics/collage perspectives from these folks: mansilla tunon, holl, Estudio Barozzi Veiga, RCR,

  2. the first image…via the router, maybe these yellow faced are all custom…custom texture, custom pulls, custom faces, etc. from some angles its not evident. what would enhance/support the engagement of participation/pulling / pushing them?

    is there any way to engineer down the 2×2 frame to 1×2 and still have stability? does this depend on how many move?

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