Individual or Instructor Approved Partnered Design Work

Program and Purpose
The studio will design a food kitchen installation in the 22@ district in Barcelona in parallel with a site chosen in the Pearl district in Portland.  Each project will also need to be ployed in three other locations in the respective city including an EcoDistrict in Portland, Oregon.  Ideas of Smart City technology will ‘attach’ the project to the living context of the information activities areas of both cities.  The studio project should investigate how media may empower participation and the communication of values within a district, neighborhood and urban room from the bottom up.  Projects should make a connection between place branding and social services.   The studio projects should take advantage of methods of parametric design, material experience and acknowledgment of local cultural events.
The design intervention should connect to the climactic and cultural context of the place.  It should support human activities in an open-ended manner may include:

  • shelter,
  • sitting,
  • the distribution of healthy food,
  • eating,
  • warmth,
  • individuals’ property storage,
  • a recharging station,
  • wifi,
  • other communication to the public of ‘attachment’ to local identity/branding.

The individual design interventions designed in the first six-week part of the winter studio term should respond to the above program and purpose while questioning how that may be fulfilled today and used over the next ten to twenty years.
One design will be selected by the group to be developed in the following three-week period and deployed at a location in Portland to be determined.  Selection should balance design excellence, programmatic and purpose objectives and criteria including buildability within the three-week group build period.
The individual designs should fit within a 10′x10′x10′ boundary box and make every effort to meet building code.  No permanent attachments to the site are permitted.
Design criteria will include:

  • structural integrity
  • resilience to 1-year deployment on-site in exterior conditions including but not limited to weathering and vandalsim
  • re-deployment
  • lightness

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