Term Schedule 6+3: Individual Design 2+2+2 + Group Design 1+1+1

Weeks 1-2: Purpose + Skills

Class 01: 1M

  • Introduction Place Branding and Social Services, Syllabus, 6+3 Design Build, Reading

Class 02: 1W

  • Diagramming and Material Affect,
  • Place Branding / Identity
  • Analysis Project
  • Assignment: Readings

Class 03: 1F

  • Schedule 6+3
  • Review Student work Assignment 01 and Assignment 02
  • Review Readings
  • Work Time / Landscape Presentation

Class 04: 2M

  • Diagramming your purpose
  • Discuss reading Art of the Long View
  • Material Affect

Class 05, 2W

  • Tiling Exercise (Rhino) Digital and Physical (Paper)
  • Tiling Exercise 3D (Rhino Tutorial)
  • Grasshopper Tutorials

Class 06, 2F

  • Case Study 01: PS 1
  • Performative wall system (assembly modeling, laser cutting paper/mylar)

Weeks 3-4: Material Affect + Joinery

// each day: Purpose (Attach to the real ‘People Brand’) + Methods (Start making)

Class 07, 3W

  • Review Project Overview and Objectives, in class.  Review Program and Criteria.
  • Review Assignment 02
  • M: Wood and Computation.  Achim Menges and Eli’s research post on wood.
  • M: Review Performative Wall System, including Models of assemble (scaled smaller, not 1:1)
  • P: Purpose support by Affect.  Material Assembly.
  • P: cataloging conditions of affect (scenarios)
  • M: 1 1/2″ wall section in class.
  • P: select study urban room.  discuss 3 places of deploy for BCN PDX.  consider TriMet sites, Jeldwen, Milwaukie + South Waterfront. **Sabina: AI Culinary Institute, Local Choice, Proposal to Portland Parks and Recreation (also riverfront); Couch and 1st, Naito owned via Kate Wagle
  • Assignment:  Watch the UO Achim Menges Podcast;  writing outline, expanding on 3 sentences.  paragraph for each including external conditions to attach to.  specific; refine diagrams, performative wall system- jump to other; 1 1/2″ walls section
  • Discuss: Food Partner; Richard Nelson as Carpentry expert; purchase sample wood; dinner on Friday or Sunday evening; review Monday

Class 08, 3F

  • P: Attach to real: Draw/Model framework (form).  organization.  connect to organization built or operative (people flows/information flows) at site.
    Smart Cities
  • M: Continue Grasshopper and Performative Wall System Exercise. Allow to evolve to project.
  • P: research study: what is a soup kitchen
  • M: CNC Foam ++  Taxonomy of CNC: panelization, stereolith, joinery connection, etc (See Lisa Iwamoto book)
  • project management: individual roles in class.   budget.  PDX router.  EUG router.  soup kitchen stakeholder. Portland partner such as Art Institute
  • Assignment: Reverse design the Affect you want (Rhino / Photoshop); 1:1 mockup of affect; Measure the external force to ‘attach to’.  Build your Latour gun, ie generative diagram, info graphic or other tools.

Class 09, 4M

  • P: Place Branding writing- connect Place Branding with Social Services
  • P: re-read
  • M: Unit Assembly

Class 10, 4W

  • —Purpose and Methods Review (**keep in parallel) or First Pass at Material Assembly: Gerry, Nancy, Brad, Bob, Nate, Tom O., Nora, Ivan, Brook

Class 11, 4F

  • material selection
  • Joinery
  • CNC wood

Weeks 5-6: Attenuation of Attachment to External Forces of Deployments

Unit+organization+external force ‘attachment’(real).(Cnc, wood, acrylic)

provide time for desk crits and in studio work.

minimal time for presentation.  diagrams and 1:1 mockup will be the final presentation.  some background detail, section and plan drawings.  perspectives optional (its not about what it looks like but how it performs).

*Individual Project Presentation- Juried and 1:1.  Brad, Karen, Nate, Brook, Bob, Stakeholders, Sabina UO development, Judith


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